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Pros and Cons of Vape Detector

Vape Detector

Vaping is usually linked to lung diseases. According to a Washington Post story, around 200 vape users from 22 states have developed severe lung problems. However, a significant percentage of these people are teens. That is a clear indication that vaping is not something new to U.S teens. 

According to research, around 2 million United States teenagers use e-cigarettes. 25% of these teenagers vape daily. To discourage such teens from vaping, you should consider installing vaping detectors in places filled with teenagers, such as schools. However, before doing that, you need to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of using these detectors.

What Are Vape Detectors, and What Are the Advantages of Using Them?

According to a Federal Law enacted in 2019, retailers should not sell pod systems and disposable vapes to persons under 21. However, teenagers still manage to buy these products since they are readily available and are cheap. To reduce e-cigarette use among these teens, you should install vaping detectors in buildings where teenagers spend their time. 

These detectors will detect the vapor that is produced by e-cigarettes. Vape detectors also detect marijuana smoke and the compounds found in e-juices. After noticing these changes, they alert security systems by ringing an alarm.

Using these detectors can be quite beneficial. When installed in schools and universities, they can help you deal with the issue of vaping in schools. For instance, they can help you identify the most common vaping areas on university grounds. When you know these places, it will be somehow easy for you to identify the students who use e-cigarettes.

Vape Detectors Can Help Lower the Risk of Inhaling Secondhand Aerosol

You know the effects of inhaling secondhand smoke. Secondhand e-cigarette vapor is no different. The vapor usually contains high amounts of nicotine, THC, and harmful chemicals. These particles can enter the respiratory systems of non-smokers, causing several health issues, including pulmonary problems. 

These particles can also increase the risk of suffering from asthma, heart disease, and cancer. Vape detectors can help you decrease the risk of exposure to secondhand aerosol. These detectors can help you track the period and location in which vaping occurs. That will help you know how to protect yourself and the people who do not vape from a secondhand aerosol.

Vape Detectors Can Help You Monitor if Your Employees and Visitors Comply with No-Vaping Policies

If you own a commercial building, hospital, or hotel, you probably have a rule stating that people should not use e-cigarettes on your business premises. Some people can, however, decide to violate this rule. However, vape detectors can help you identify those people without intruding on their privacy. 

After identifying such people, you can choose to penalize them and then use the money as the disinfection fees. In the case of a hospital, the detector will signal the facility manager to address the issue immediately. That will help prevent patients’ exposure to secondhand e-cigarette vapor.

The Cons of Vape Detectors

Purchasing vape detectors can sometimes be disadvantageous because the pieces of equipment are usually expensive. Typically, a reasonable vape detector costs between 800 U.S dollars and 1200 U.S dollars. On top of this, students can decide to rip them off after their installation since they are usually visible after installation.

Also, vape detectors do not record videos and audio. All they do is detect the presence of vaping aerosol in the air and then alert the officials about the existence of these aerosols. When e-cigarettes are being used, it is hard to pinpoint the specific people who use them. Therefore, vape detectors are ineffective tools to ensure that people do not use e-cigarettes in unauthorized places.

More and more U.S teenagers are using e-cigarettes nowadays. That has made many school officials and employees install vape detectors in schools. These detectors can help you deal with the issue of vaping in schools. They can also help lower the risk of inhaling secondhand aerosol. However, they are pretty expensive and do not record videos. Therefore, you cannot use them to trace the exact people who use e-cigarettes.

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