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Care360 EMR vs. Valant EMR – What You Need to Know


If you’re searching for a medical billing program with more than the basic EHR features, there are some differentiators between Care360 EMR and Valant EMR. The integrated Revenue Cycle Management solution includes claims processing and a user-friendly patient portal. Both platforms are secure and have mobile access, and are HIPAA compliant. Which is the better option in your particular practice?

Care360 EHR

Care360 EHR, now known as Quantum EHR, is a complete collection that includes medical EHR software designed to compete with the top tools for practice available in the market. It is a flexible web-based application that can support a small physician’s office that is independent or a larger multi-specialty clinic; this cloud-powered application can accommodate a variety of enhancements in the handling of digital patient files, as well as health information and medical care.

Key Features

Electronic prescribing: Alongside monitoring patient eligibility and copay and coverage information, doctors can order, chart, and renew prescriptions anywhere.

Patient Portal Patient Portal: With MyQuest, Patients and healthcare providers can connect and perform various tasks online. Physicians can exchange and send messages, record notes from patient visits, make electronic records of their communications with patients, and much more. However, patients can use the portal to monitor their health, examine the results of their lab tests, share medical data with doctors, etc.

Data Diagnostics: Doctors can get patient-specific information anytime, right after treatment. Data diagnostics can provide information to physicians whenever they require they need them. They also expand the available data sources by providing a vast array of claims and clinical and lab information that can use for decision support.

Electronic Prior Authorization (EPA): Through direct integration with EHRs, EPA integrates directly with EHR; EPA helps your healthcare professionals easily get automated prior authorizations at the time of treatment.

Electronic Lab Management: Quest Lab Stewardship helps make your lab tests more efficient by delivering better results and reducing costs. Unnecessary, redundant test results that are not used can be avoided.

Benefits and Insights

One of the functions of Care360 EHR covers its electronic health records Modules in Care360’s EHR software system aid doctors in entering essential health data. Other components of the system aid in ordering testing and other procedures. Care360 EHR also comes with an electronic prescription system, an innovative technology that provides greater accuracy and ease in prescribing prescriptions to patients.

The Care360 EHR software also aids practices in ensuring they are compliant with the industry standard. For instance, the EHR software is designed to comply with the regulations set by federal authorities when making meaningful use of stages one and two. The purpose of using EMR is to detect health trends and use big data’s potential to discover more about how a particular practice can benefit a specific community.

A different aspect of the Care360 EHR’s design is focused on improving revenue cycle management and providing technology solutions through the digital medical billing tool set. The control of a revenue cycle is an immense task for the typical practice of a physician. Part of it has to deal with claims “triage” that are affected and the shifting of shares while settling claims. Medical billing services included in this EHR software program enable a physician’s office to manage projected revenue better and cut down on time and expense in handling claims.


Quanum EHR is more affordable than the industry standard.

If you compare Quanum EHR against their rivals using a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest costly to set up), Quanum EHR scored 3.4. Quanum EHR offers a few flexible plans for its customers, and a license price begins at $55 for each license.

Valant EMR

Valant EMR is specifically designed for mental health professionals to assist in managing processes and improving workflows. Clinics, agencies, and healthcare professionals use Valant to provide a better quality of care and increase the effectiveness of their services.

Healthcare professionals utilize this feature to improve efficiency and productivity and reduce time spent without sacrificing high-quality care. It helps automate tasks and gives doctors data and analytics at the click of a mouse. It’s fully integrated and can be used for video conferencing to allow remote patient treatment while providing a secure data exchange between doctors and patients.

Key Features

Scheduling: Manage almost every aspect of a business using a programmable calendar. Create appointments in advance and color codes to give visual references. Accessing patient information is easy as well.

E-Prescribing: Manage your medication at any time, from anywhere. Refill, check, and renew prescriptions from the dashboard. This helps to reduce prescription errors and gives patients automatic alerts and reminders.

Clinical Notes: Make complete notes for your patience while paying attention to the patient rather than the computer, capturing notes during sessions and then safe-keeping them.

Treatment Planning: This allows the clinician and patient collaboration or multiple doctors. Monitor the latest updates, review dates, and record the signatures of patients and signatures.

Billing and Reporting: Utilize integrated billing to streamline data entry, eliminate the repetitive task of re-entering information, and increase accuracy, which saves time for staff while ensuring that the payment is collected, thereby making more revenues.

Analytics: Provides insights to improve the quality of care offered and the financial standing of the health institution. These tools aid in engaging patients with their health care, leading to better outcomes for patients, tracking financials, and improving the reimbursement rate.

HIPAA-compliant Telemedicine Video sessions: incorporate advanced authentication features on both the side of the provider and the patient to ensure that virtual visits are safe and conform to HIPAA regulations. These features are integrated directly into the current EHR platform.

Benefits and Insights

Reduce time: You can spend more time with the patient by automating and speeding documentation or charting. Access patient information quickly and without the time looking for paper files.

Enhance Health outcomes: Increase healthcare quality by collecting information efficiently, tracking it, and assessing a particular patient’s baseline. The structured screeners and questionnaires can aid doctors in focusing face-to-face time with clients and provide better diagnostic and treatment.

Increase Revenue: Doctors can spend more time with the patient and visit more patients daily without compromising the quality of care offered, which can increase revenues. In addition, tools to assist with billing and financial management can optimize revenue opportunities.

Increase Clinical Organization: Ensures that the client’s records are secure and accessible to clinicians. Use clinical tools to manage charts, enhance note-taking, and track the impact of outcomes.

Receive your money faster because insurance claims can be sanitized of mistakes and processed more quickly than they usually would, which results in a faster turnaround of claims. Tools are in place to decrease the number of receivables and speed reimbursements.


Valant EMR is more affordable than the industry standard.

In comparing Valant EMR against their competition on a scale of 1-10 (10 is the most costly to set up), Valant EMR scored 2.2. Valant EMR offers a few flexible plans to customers. They provide the minimum cost for a license beginning at one hundred dollars per month.

Comparison between Care360 EMR Vs Valant EMR

The healthcare industry is increasingly turning to electronic medical records (EMRs) to improve the efficiency and quality of care. While there are many different EMR platforms on the market, two of the most popular are Care360 and Valant. Both systems have their strengths and weaknesses, but how do they compare?

Care360 is a comprehensive EMR platform that offers a wide range of features and integrations. It is a good choice for larger practices that need to track a lot of data. However, Care360 can be complex to use, and it can take some time to learn all of its features. Valant, on the other hand, is a simpler EMR system that is easier to use. It is ideal for small practices that don’t need all the bells and whistles of a more comprehensive system. However, Valant doesn’t offer as many features as Care360, so it may not be suitable for all practices.

So, which EMR system is right for your practice? That depends on your individual needs. If you are looking for a comprehensive system with a lot of features, Care360 may be the good option. If you need a simpler system that is easier to use, then Valant is a reasonable option

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