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4 Types of Outdoor Flags to Boost Your Store’s Optics

Optics matter a lot. Whether we admit it or not – we make many day-to-day decisions in life based on optics. Which clothing item looks better with your hair? Which restaurant appears friendlier? Which neighborhood in your locality has the best views? Optics guide many human decisions. According to experts, optics matter even more in the world of business.

Unless your store has great optics, it won’t live up to its potential. When people think of stores, they think of eye-catching signs, cool marketing messages, and a host of other qualities. If your store doesn’t have these qualities it won’t attract much attention – this business equation is simple. Thankfully, getting solutions to these optics-related issues is very simple as well.

What are Marketing Flags? 

Need a cheap yet effective way of sprucing up your store’s optics? Just do what top, multi-chain companies do – invest in flag marketing. Flags are one of the most versatile, cost-efficient, and effective marketing tools out there. These flags are light and come in various shapes and sizes. They can jazz up any space. Here are four different types of outdoor flags that you can use to improve your store’s optics –

1. Feather Flags

By far the most popular marketing flag out there. Feather flags are popular and loved by marketers because of their unique shapes. As the name suggests, they have feather-like shapes. These shapes make them extremely visible in all types of indoor or outdoor locations. Typically, store owners place feather flags at the entry and exit points of their stores. 

The flags make these stores look fun, appealing, and welcoming. Tall feather flags offer a lot of printing space. So, business owners can custom print their brands’ logos/names quite prominently on these flags. Wave a few tall feather flags outside your store. The sleek and smooth flags will instantly make your store more eye-catching and optically pleasing.

2. Teardrop Flags

Teardrop flags are again popular for their unique shapes. Teardrop flags are curvy and shaped like wide teardrops. Unlike feather flags, these flags tend to be more compact. They’re small and cute. So much so that it’s a custom to give out free teardrop flags to attendees at exhibitions and tradeshows.

However, teardrop flags don’t just look beautiful in the hands of users. Install them at your store’s counter or outside your store. They’ll instantly make those spaces look fun and cheerful.

3. Hanging Flags

These flags can either hang from ceilings or from walls. Users need to use special grommets to set up hanging flags. But, once these flags are installed (vertically or horizontally) they look amazing. You can see them outside department stores, fashion stores, and other stores where displays are important for attracting customers. Well-designed hanging flags never fail to attract pedestrians or drivers passing by stores.

4. Custom-Shaped Flags

Now, business owners can pick flags with unique, custom shapes. Triangle, rectangle, feather-shaped, or bullet-shaped – if these flag shapes don’t satisfy you, go custom. Use a mixture of feather, teardrop, hanging, and custom-shaped flags as store decorations. The flags will instantly improve your store’s optics.

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