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Tips to prepare for current affairs questions

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Current Affairs questions are asked in all competitive exams like SSC, Banking and Railway. It is a challenging section that doesn’t require special skills but only learning ability. However, most aspirants need clarification and help to decide which topics to prepare. The monthly current affairs pdf 2022 is helpful to students because all information is found in the same place, and candidates need not search for it and waste time. This pdf has only the essential points required for the exam and helps candidates score good marks and improve their scores. Here are some tips to prepare for current affairs questions for competitive exams.

Read newspapers 

The best source of current affairs is the newspapers. They give information about the day-to-day happenings and enable candidates to strengthen their knowledge of international and national affairs. Candidates preparing for competitive exams must read newspapers daily to learn about national and international events.

Follow magazines

Current affairs are also discussed in several magazines. The additional benefit of reading magazines is it contains various images, tables and charts that help to understand things easily. The magazines have a detailed analysis of current affairs and enable candidates to remember essential information quickly.

Watch the news on television

Watching the news on television is another way to gain knowledge about current affairs. Candidates will find it easier to retain visuals in their memory than reading news from the newspaper. It is essential to watch all news segments like politics, sports, entertainment and business.

Use internet

Aspirants must utilise the internet to gain knowledge because it helps them to find details about any topic. Social media also gives information about trending topics because people share their opinion through it. Many websites provide resources and mock tests to help candidates prepare for competitive exams.

Take notes

Taking notes is an essential part of preparing for bank exams. These notes become very helpful during final revision that is done before the exams and prevents aspirants from searching for news events that happened in the past. Events within 3 – 4 months of the exam are significant, and candidates must have notes about them.

Important topics in current affairs

  • Latest technological and scientific developments
  • International and national political and social issues
  • Economic issues
  • Environmental issues
  • Sports news
  • Important dates and events
  • National and International awards
  • Appointment and resignation
  • Global summits and conferences 
  • Defence activities
  • Government schemes in India

Candidates need to have some knowledge of banking and finance services. Every candidate must know topics like RBI and its functions, exchange rates, banking acronyms, and national and international trade. Many significant events happen in several places worldwide, and the news keeps changing. The candidates must be aware of the things happening around them and follow regular news updates from essential organisations.


Monthly current affairs pdf 2022 has all events of each month separately, and aspirants will find all information in chronological order. It becomes easier to study, compare and revise. It helps candidates to gear up their preparation for competitive exams. Not all of them have the habit of reading newspapers daily. The current affairs pdf helps students to gain information even if they had missed reading it in the newspaper.

Aspirants can download the pdf and read it at their convenience. Most current affairs pdf is available in English and Hindi to help English and non-English speaking students. Candidates can improve their knowledge about the issues happening in several parts of the world. Current affairs is an important section that fetches more marks for the students. 

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