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The Most Famous Movies Rocking Coloured Contact Lenses For Their Signature Look!

No wonder coloured contact lenses have been used for decades in movies. It’s all just to achieve the desired look. We all have seen vampires and witches wearing spooky coloured lenses in most films nowadays. While also celebrities wear beautiful coloured ones when their roles demand.

However, it is difficult even to imagine achieving the looks movies demand without coloured contacts. So, here in this blog, I will represent movies and the stars featuring contacts for their signature looks. 

Characters And The Contact Lenses Used in Movies

The Strain Halloween Contact Lenses

The vampire stereotype that is frequently used in horror films has been tested by the popular TV show The Strain, which also thoroughly terrifies a large number of viewers. Vampires have never been depicted in such a horrific and genuinely frightful fashion. 

Ignore the dull fangs and picture a huge, slimy tentacle that suckers blood instead of a set of dull teeth. Well, have you noticed their amazingly in-tone Halloween contact lenses? Don’t they add in their realistic depiction of vampires? I know right!

Gabriel Bolivar Halloween Contact Lenses

Here is our Gabriel Bolivar, who wears Halloween contacts when he becomes the Vampire. Initially, in the movie, he was a womanizing musician admired by many women, making him the deadliest vampire in the film. Notice how amazing he looks with those lenses!

Age of Altron Scarlet Witch with Coloured Contacts

Viewers got their first glimpse of Wanda Maximoff, renowned as the Scarlet Witch, in Age of Ultron. Elizabeth Olsen plays Wanda; in the film, we can see that when she unleashes her powers, Wanda’s eyes flash a sinister red colour. With our extensive selection of coloured contacts, you can get the crimson eyes of the Scarlet Witch.

Age of Altron Hulk with Coloured Contacts

The Hulk, too, has deep green eyes, making the Scarlet Witch in the Marvel movie – Age of Ultron not the sole character with exceptional coloured eyes. These contacts were made with Incredible Hulk fans in mind. 

Put them on to give your eyes a shocking greenish appearance. The wacky coloured contact lenses are perfect for theatre events or themed parties where attention to detail is key. You may transform into Hulk or any other green-eyed icon you can think of with these greenish lenses.

The Host Coloured Contact lenses 

A whole other Stephanie Meyer adaptation, The Host, describes itself as a romantic sci-fi thriller. We have been more riveted by their captivating eyes than any of the fights whenever the Souls, an alien species, conquered the Earth and began inhabiting human forms. 

The Host contact lenses are in high demand in the special effects contacts market. Fans of movies can’t be blamed for wanting them. With a brilliant white centre and a rim of colour around the exterior, they are quite captivating.

Alice in Wonderland Contacts

Johnny Depp wore vivid emerald contact lenses to play the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland. Although his eyes were made to appear larger on the computer, his lenses were responsible for the bizarre colour. They blended seamlessly with the surreal setting and styling.

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