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Social media content: How to succeed

As brand owners, we strive to grow our audience and make sure what we offer is valuable to people. And maintaining such relationships with customers is typically done via social media content. Content creation is a practical element to communicate with people and fuel their curiosity about your site and expertise. Besides, content regularly posted on social platforms declares your unwavering attention to the brand and willingness to develop and expand. Whether or not you’ve been producing content on social media, it’s crucial to approach this activity thoughtfully and focus on the core thing.

Remember that emotions on social media prevail

Connecting with the audience through social media posts is more complex than simply rolling them out. Emotions play a pivotal role in human interactions, allowing us to befriend people and build excellent relationships with them. In attempting to connect with an individual, we often find some standard ideas and topics that shrink that distance between us. Researchers call it differently. Gumperz, for instance, stresses the expression contextualization cues, which mean presuppositions that allow people to understand one another.

Similarly, social penetration theory focuses primarily on enhancing that connection to transform it into an observable relationship. Precisely this concept can help your social media content succeed. All you need is a story, but not a simple bio everyone can find on the About us tab. You need self-disclosure, and you must complete four stages to achieve that. Here they are:

  1. Cliche: Cliche topics are fantastic if used correctly. Adding everyday topics like news and weather to your social media content agenda will build a friendly preliminary rapport with peeps.
  2. Facts: Once your story develops, you must transition from a cliche to a fact about yourself. Adding the background story or the one behind the business can suffice.
  3. Opinions: Taking a stance and backing it up is the following concept of self-disclosure that aims to show your opinion on a specific subject to let the audience comprehend your philosophy and attitudes toward discussed things.
  4. Feelings: Here, you want to leave people with a lasting impression to stimulate the completion of the purchasing journey. You are encouraged to use various tools and approaches to impress the person. Among other things, you can use this online animation maker – make animation for free and boost your social media content strategy enormously.

Framework to use to appeal to people’s emotional timbre

It is no secret that people use logical reasoning when browsing the web and looking for companies. But most customers often drift away from this approach, especially when they stumble upon content that appeals to them to some degree. Bucholtz and Hall have worked on the human identity for years and determined that adequation and distinction are two things that evolve a strong sense of belonging to a specific community. And this is precisely what we are discussing in this article – by going emotional, you strive to evoke that adequation feeling where people think, “That’s about me!” Let’s provide a more detailed account of each of the already mentioned concepts:


Consider social media content creation similar to essay writing. Papers stick to a specific structure, so they are easily readable, coherent, and informative. In this instance, cliche equals an opener. People expect to read something cool right from the beginning, and cliches are a nice thing to meet that expectation. But beware: Cliches are not standalone, especially when talking about social media content. They need to be brief and precise, preparing the ground for the next element, which brings us to the facts.


Pairing cliches with facts that augment and develop the first concept and adding a batch of information afterward is a time-trusted strategy that will spark the audience’s interest. When talking about facts, social media content managers ensure they are unique and unknown. For example, you can include snippets about the new product, crew photos with brief bios, etc.


The great thing about sharing opinions is that you can do it in various ways. Experts point out that the strategies can be low-, medium-, and high-risk. Given your current relationship with the audience, the choice will range. We encourage you to be risk-averse at the beginning of your entrepreneurship until you build a loyal community of customers you know well. Solicit people’s opinions and take a stance on uncontroversial topics, for starters. Once you grow, you can introduce controversial views to the audience.


Banking on feelings is a working tactic to conclude a piece of content since emotions lead customers throughout their journeys. Try to reveal and include a broad spectrum of feelings, like curiosity, exasperation, expectation, uncertainty, bewilderment, glee, etc. And don’t forget: you aim to relate, not impose feelings.

What else do you need to sharpen your content strategy?

You can do several more things to make your content discoverable and relatable:

  • Research the audience
  • Define the best timing and frequency to publish content
  • Furnish your content with SEO elements like keywords, tags, and hashtags 
  • Decide on the tone of voice

Bottom Line

Producing content in a way that it resonates with readers is a multiple-step and labor-intensive strategy that requires plenty of resources. That’s why it would be best to reserve enough time and effort to succeed in a self-disclosure content generation strategy. But once you do that, you will see a considerable jump in conversion, loyalty, and profits.   

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