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Must-Have Caffeine Shop Equipment

Everyone enjoys a hot cup of coffee after a long, stressful day, whether it is after work, classes, or even before the day begins! Some people prefer bittersweet coffees, while others prefer milky or iced coffees, which may be beneficial for studying and staying awake! Aside from the various types of beverages available, have you ever wondered what equipment and materials are required to create the drink of your choice? What are the must-have items in a cafe?

Coffee Brewing Equipment

An Aeropress is an example of brewing equipment specifically used when making coffees out of fresh coffee grounds. It is extracted and pressed down to create air pressure which would result in forcing a brewed coffee in a filter into your cup.  Although when brewing coffee was said to have three methods which are through boiling, steeping, and pressurizing.

Coffee Maker

These are designed and created to brew coffee; they use both pressure and gravity to process the hot water into the coffee grounds. The best product example for this is the Nespresso coffee maker on Black Friday deals which is simple yet adaptable. You have four options and sizes for this coffee, and it can easily heat up just after 15 seconds! These are all sleek products that are well-designed and easy to use.

Coffee Mill

There are two types of this equipment; we have conical and also flat. The Conical refers to the cone-shaped burrs with ridges, while the flat has parallel rings that face the opposite ways. This item is one of the most important tools for extracting the aroma and the flavor of the coffee bean. 

Pour Over Set

It allows the coffee to be consistent, rich, and clear and the aroma to shine along the way.  It allows the barista to control the speed, temperature, and strength of the brew. A lot of people have said that pouring over would somehow make the coffee taste better because the flavor tends to flow better compared to the regular method.

Glass Coffee Decanter

Commonly used to serve freshly made coffees, kept in large batches to preserve both the aroma and flavor. Also, using a decanter can remove any unwanted residue and is helpful in terms of allowing the coffee to breathe. Although the decanters have a great impact depending on the shape and design preference.

Milk Frothers

This equipment is in-charge in oxygenating milk, creating tiny microbubbles that lend milk a light and creamy texture while increasing overall volume. Various frothing techniques produce various kinds of foam, varying from silky smooth, smooth textures for lattes to poofy foam for cappuccinos. Besides, these milk frothers have four types, namely the handheld, manual, automatic, and electric.

Three Compartment Sink

Although this is not seen when creating your drink of choice, this is commonly placed in the kitchen or inside the coffee-making area. They ensure that all the materials being used from time to time are clean and well-sanitized before using them again. The three sinks represent the washing, rinsing, and sanitizing of the area. These help in cleaning all utensils, dishes, and even the used equipment stays squeaky clean for the next use.

Coffee Filters

These filters come in four different types, which are disposable paper, cloth, plastic, and metal. They are designed to trap coffee oils and sediments, absorbing all the factors that shouldn’t be part of the coffee presented. It traps the coffee ground and allows the liquid coffee to flow.  It liberates the aroma to create a clean and well-flavored coffee with a smooth texture that would be great in reaching the customer’s expectations.

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