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How to Start an Employee of the Month Program


A recent BLS study found high levels of employee dissatisfaction in many industries. Some people leave occupations due to economic downturns or relocation, but discontent is a significant factor. Stress, overload, and even under-appreciation may cause work discontent. But how do you make people smile at work? Commence an employee of the month program. According to Survey Monkey, 82% of employees like being acknowledged. Paying people is a great way to recognize their efforts, but appreciating them can also be effective.

Importance of Employee Appreciation

Employees who are commended for their efforts are more inclined to work even more challenging. That is why it is crucial to reorganize employees’ efforts occasionally. For example, workers that go above and beyond to deliver excellent customer service or promote the company’s values and culture should be recognized on a more frequent basis. It’s about making the workers happy; it also improves the company’s culture as employees are inspired.

Recognition makes employees happier, more productive, and more likely to engage with colleagues. Employee appreciation may also reduce stress, attrition, and absenteeism by allowing them to be the best version of themselves at work. In addition, the employee of the month award program is perfect for rewarding staff and fostering a healthy competitive environment. Employee appreciation may promote cooperation and teamwork and enhance productivity and motivation.

How to Start the Employee of the Month program

This guide will teach you how to create an employee of the month award program at your company.

1. Have Clear Goals

Justify your desire to introduce an employee-of-the-month program to executives. For example, your business could try rewarding employees of the month to cut costs or make divisions healthily compete with each other. Rather than rewarding someone the boss loves, every employee award should promote a sense of accomplishment. Plan your program’s goals to know where to spend your time and money during the development phase.

2. Set Your Objectives

Employees must compete for the prize equitably. Focusing on what employees need to accomplish to obtain the award is crucial. For example, an award based on sales percentage growth can provide a more accessible opportunity for a rookie sales representative than someone who has already established himself in their area. Develop precise criteria instead of relying on generic terms like “good attitude” or “team spirit.” 

If the requirements are laid out clearly, employees will know what they need to accomplish to win the award. Unfortunately, many employee-of-the-month programs don’t work because people think that rewards are given out randomly and to people who are favorites of the bosses.

3. Pick Your Rewards

Settle on the prize for every month’s top performer. For example, employee of the month plaques, gift cards, unique parking spaces, or some days off are just a few options. Consider displaying a huge plaque honoring all award winners and changing its text each month to reflect the most recent winner. You can use your official company site and magazine to mention the winner. You can also send a press release to the local newspaper to publicize the monthly performers.

Cloud-based platforms may also recognize employees of the month. This allows employees to compliment and encourage their colleagues at any time publicly. In addition, you may enable workers to earn points that can be redeemed for rewards. These informal methods of rewarding workers are fun, participative, and straightforward.

4. Communicate the Initiative

Please make sure the staff knows the initiative and what it entails. Make sure that you go through the requirements for giving, rewarding, and winning the monthly award with them. Before the contest starts, get input from your staff to make sure they’ve received an announcement about it. Then, every month, they release the results and explain why they have been selected. Next, generate a checklist of the criteria for the honor and record how & why the victor meets each one. This diminishes the idea that the prize is given for personal motives.

You now understand the value of rewarding your employees. It makes your employees feel like part of the team, boosting enthusiasm. You may start your employee appreciation program in a few easy steps, as discussed above. However, it’s OK to come up with additional excellent ideas! Make your program practical and culturally relevant.

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