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How to Build a Culture of Innovation

Innovation is the key to growth and success, but it’s hard to foster a culture of innovation if you’re not in an environment that encourages it. In this blog post, you will learn how you can work on creating an innovation culture in your company.

Encourage experimentation

Encourage your staff to try new things, take risks and take ownership of their work. This will help you avoid the tendency for people to become complacent and stick with the way things have always been done. In addition, it will give your company an edge over competitors who may be more risk-averse than you are.

If your employees make mistakes as they experiment or try something new, encourage them to learn from those mistakes instead of criticizing them for what went wrong. As long as they’re willing to learn from their mistakes and move forward with a positive attitude toward making improvements, there is no reason why this shouldn’t be encouraged rather than discouraged!

Prepare for failure and learn from it

Finally, one needs to prepare for failure and learn from it. In the innovation process, failure is not a bad thing! It’s an opportunity to learn. Don’t be afraid of this possibility. It happens to everyone and can actually help you make better decisions in the future.

If you’re going to encourage your team members to innovate and take risks, they need to know that it’s okay if they fail—and that you’ll support them afterward. If someone comes up with an idea or prototype that doesn’t work out, congratulate them on trying something new and encourage them to think outside the box and push past their comfort zones.

Embrace risk

Embracing risk is essential to innovation. It’s not the same as failure but can lead to failure. Risk-taking involves taking a calculated chance to achieve something better than what currently exists.

Many renowned companies have taken calculated risks, often at a tremendous personal cost, and succeeded wildly. 

Great examples like Amazon founder Jeff Bezos pushing his company into e-commerce when everyone else said it wasn’t possible (and going bankrupt in the process). Or Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak built his first computer from scratch at home and then sold them out of his car trunk because no one would buy them otherwise.

Encourage internal collaboration

The best companies are those in which employees collaborate across divisions and teams. If your company has a culture of innovation, you should encourage internal collaboration like reputed companies such as Intuit does. According to professionals at Intuit, “Leaders should be committed to innovation, but if you’re not encouraging innovation among employees too, you’re missing an essential component.”

You can do this by encouraging people to share their ideas and experiences with others, especially if they are in different departments or countries. Encourage employees to talk with each other and collaborate on new ideas, even if they don’t work together directly every day.

Also, ensure there are opportunities for cross-functional teamwork throughout the organization so that people get to know one another to develop trust between different departments (and genders).

Creating an environment where people feel comfortable taking risks is one of the most important ways to foster innovation. If you can do that, your employees will be able to come up with ideas and execute them in ways you never imagined.


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