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Features Of A Softphone

Before you decide to use a softphone, you must first determine how it will benefit your business, as well as how your employees will react to it and whether or not they will benefit from it. Before you use a softphone in your business, you should also ask yourself what it means. A softphone is extremely useful because it brings the functionality of a desk phone to your laptop. This is usually accomplished by installing software on your device that allows you to use the softphone.

A softphone is similar to a physical phone in that it provides access to your cloud-based organization’s phone system. These devices typically use VoIP telephone networks, and their application is dependent on the type of business you run. This is why understanding their differences is critical so that you do not use the incorrect device to run your business.

A softphone has multiple features that make them stand out and they are; 

1. Has Three-Way Conferencing features

Similar to a conference bridge, three-way conferencing solely implies that a third person enters a regular call. Not all softphones have this standard desk phone feature, and not all browsers support it, so be sure to check.

2. Has the ability of video calling

Video calling is extremely vital for crews with distant members because it provides pictorial assurance and facilitates collaboration. Check that your chosen softphone allows you to enable or disable the video feed at any time during a call.

3. Has the presence of a Caller ID

This is a no-brainer; what good is a modern phone app if it does not tell you who is calling your business line? Determine how detailed the app’s caller ID is: just a digit, a caption and digit, the kind of number, and so on.

4. Make Call Transfer easier

A business-grade softphone should be able to transfer calls to another branch, an outside line, or the same line but a different device with ease.

5. Extension Dialing

 Because business softphones are intended to be as practical as desk phones, they should be able to bind to coworkers via extension dialing, particularly for conference calls.

Comparisons of Softphone Apps

When it comes to replacing a desk phone with a softphone platform, you have three options: mobile phone app, desktop app, or web phone. In this day and age, virtually all VoIP platforms should have the same features and functionality, so the choice comes down to personal preference or convenience.

Desk Phones vs. Desktop App Softphones

Consider the early days of Skype, when landlines ruled supreme. Would you rather pick up the phone connected to your desk or click on a name in a desktop app? Which has a more user-friendly interface and even lets you video chat with the person on the other end of the line? In this situation, desktop softphones are similar to Skype, but with business-grade phone outlines, affiliation aptitudes, and queue oversight methods.


Softphones are the new technology being used in various businesses today so when you want to be ahead in your business make sure your devices have softphones.

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