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Cerner EMR VS Elation EMR: Stating the Obvious!

Providers have said no to traditional ways of care treatment. And for this particular reason, they are eager to level up their game by implementing a suitable or putting it better, “out of this world” EHR platform. But, It’s not a straightforward task, to begin with. In the client’s opinion, the decision-making process leaves them in a state of perplexity. So we shortlisted the EHR platforms that work best in general settings. These are Cerner EMR and Elation EMR.  

But as we all know, care providers can rely on just one particular EHR solution. You have to choose between the two. Now that’s the tricky part. Do you know on which ground you will make the final decision? We don’t think so. Being a medical provider means having your fingers dipped in a never-ending workload. Considering this tiring situation, we conducted a thorough Cerner vs Elation comparison. Hopefully, by the end of this Cerner vs Elation comparison, you will be able to name your pick. 

So, why waste time rambling? Let’s get straight to the point. 

Cerner EMR vs Elation EMR: To-the-point Comparison:

Instead of going with the traditional style of penning down, a general overview and features in the comparison guide. We will try a unique approach for the said Cerner vs Elation comparison. Focusing on the pricing and reviews element, we will bring to light the essential facts to be known. 

Cerner vs Elation EMR Pricing:

Let’s get to the most anticipated part of this Cerner vs Elation guide, the price overview. It’s natural for everyone to seek more at a low price; the same goes for clinicians. They look for EHR solutions that offer the best bangs for their bucks. We know you are also eager to figure out which software wins the price race in the Cerner vs Elation comparison. However, we are sorry to break it to you that this isn’t the case here. 

Read till the end to know why;

Cerner Pricing:

Cerner EMR has not shared its price structure on the web. 

It’s not like Cerner medical software comes with hidden charges or anything; it’s just a way to keep one step ahead of the competitors. As for the pricing details, you can always request a quote from Cerner software. You might be confused about what you will be charged for availing the services of this meticulous solution. Or if it is really worth investing. To answer your queries, we have covered the reviews of Cerner EMR and Elation EMR in the subsequent paras. So, don’t go anywhere just yet. 

Elation Pricing:

Contrastingly. Elation software has shared a detailed pricing structure for the care providers. Overall, Elation features three pricing plans with two-pricing tiers. 


First is the Direct plan equipped with all clinical workflow, patient engagement, and practice management-related features. This pricing plan of Elation costs $275 per month billed annually. 

The second is the Insurance plan. It offers risk assessment features and MIPS quality dashboards along with all direct care features. It costs around $333 per month billed annually.

Third, there is the Enterprise plan, it is a customized plan but doesn’t offer telehealth services. Above all, it features revenue cycle integration capability to upsurge the revenue of medical practices. 

Cerner EMR vs Elation EMR: The Reviews:

Now is the time to assess what clinicians have to say about the features and the price structures in this Cerner vs Elation guide. Read the following paras to learn the details of the Elation EMR app and Cerner electronic medical records reviews.

Cerner Reviews:

Cerner is referred to as an outstanding option for healthcare centers. Care providers using Cerner software recommend it as a cost-effective option. According to the user feedback, it is an organized platform built on a tailor-made approach. It eases the burden on physicians’ shoulders by featuring HIPAA-compliant services. So,  medical providers have one less thing to worry about. Cerner EMR is an improvement to the charting process, saving tons of time. What makes it worth it is the user-specific access control and antiquated interface. 

On the contrary, some users believe it offers competitive pricing plans but doesn’t offer as much as its competitors. Also, reviews state that Cerner electronic medical records is indeed the most affordable solution when you go for its comprehensive bundles. However, Cerner software is the least affordable option when it is about solo modules. It is too expensive that it sucks the revenue of practices, but this is realized later as it slowly drains the revenue. 

Elation Reviews:

The reviews of Elation EMR are in favor of the vendor. Reviews suggest that a positive user satisfaction rate backs Elation EMR. The most plausible features of this vendor are its intuitive interface, substance-controlled e-prescribing tool, and customizable charting service. Besides that, reviews illustrate that the patient portal of Elation EMR is of great significance. It serves as the fastest and easiest way for doctors to engage and retain patients. Also, clients are satisfied with the revenue cycle integration services. 

How can we skip the Elation EMR app? It has given users the sense of relaxation they need having all clinical databases at their fingertips all the time. As for the downsides, unlike Cerner EHR, there are no harsh words commented by the users about the Elation EMR pricing structure. It is a reasonable solution from a pricing point of view, but some clients have faced functionality issues. They say the vendor freezes and crashes, often leaving them hanging on the edge. In addition, it hinders the clinical workflow from reaching the optimal level.

Cerner vs Elation: The Conclusive Thoughts:

In this Cerner vs Elation guide, we learned that Cerner medical software is not a cost-friendly solution if not for the all-inclusive bundles. Elation EMR on the other hand is a budget-friendly option and a better technology partner for health organizations. The reviews of Elation EMR are all about its user-friendliness and reliability. Cerner EMR reviews are no less. Clients praise the vendor for its responsiveness and customizability, but the pricing element does not go in the vendor’s favor. But it’s all that the users say, request the quote from Cerner software and then make the final decision of the Cerner vs Elation comparison.


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