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Best Cards For You To Earn Points- 5 Types

The most beneficial way to make most of your daily expenses, earn bonus points,  miles or cash back on every purchase made by you is the rewards credit cards. These kinds of cards are considered best for earning points. 

Although points and miles are more beneficial for travellers and shoppers, the cashback feature is collectively important for every credit card user. In simple words, we can say that these credit cards allow users to get extra money on purchases made by them. 

However, the flavour of the rewards that we discussed above can vary according to your need. Let us have a look at the five rewards credit cards that provide points, miles and Cashback as a reward. 

Rewards Credit Cards

Given are the top and best cards from Wells Fargo that you can use to earn points in the form of miles or cashback etc. Moreover, some of the credit cards available on Beste Kredittkort provide its customers with different points as rewards.

  1. Wells Fargo Active Cash Card

Firstly, let us have a discussion about the most beneficial and best cashback credit card by Wells Fargo which is Wells Fargo active cash card. This rewards credit card provides you with a great interface to do purchases of about 1000$ in the first three months and has the facility to earn a bonus reward of 200$.

Prominent Features:

  • No annual fee is demanded
  • Allow you to earn a cash reward of 2% of total purchases
  • For about 15 months, 0% intro APR will be demanded

2. Rewards Visa Credit Card

This is one of the best  Well cards that allows you to earn about 375$ by making purchases. In simple words, you will be provided with two reward nights which means $250 by doing purchases of $1,000 in the first three months and another reward night of 125$ after making purchases of $4,000 within the first six months. 

Prominent Features 

  • For conversion of foreign currency. No extra fee is demanded
  • No need to pay an annual fee 
  • Full protection against unauthorized transactions is ensured

3. Bilt Mastercard

Bilt MasterCard is a unique credit card that allows you to earn money on rent. It means you will be provided with 1× points on rent payments, 2 x points on travel, 3× points on dining and 1× points on other purchases. 

Prominent Features 

  • No need to pay an annual fee 
  • Provide points on dining
  • Provide points on travelling 

4. Wells Fargo Autograph Card

Wells Fargo autograph cards have lots of additional features than other rewards credit cards and hence are considered distinct from them. This rewards credit card allows you to do the shopping for about 1500$ in the first three months and have the facility to earn a bonus reward of 30,000$.

Prominent Features 

  • No annual fee is demanded
  • Allow users to replace cash within 24 hours
  • Full protection is ensured

5. Wells Fargo Reflect Card

Wells Fargo reflects card has a very distinct feature and that is 0% intro APR for about 18 months. but you must have to keep in mind that the only balance transfer within 120 days will be considered eligible for the intro rate. 

Moreover, you can enjoy 21 months of the lowest intro APR where the 18 months are of the lowest interest rate and the remaining three months are of APR extension. 

Prominent Features 

  • 0% intro APR for about 18 months
  • 0$ annual fee
  • Enjoy amazing deals from Merchants

Bottom Line

Although there are many options of credit cards available for the Norwegian people, rewards credit cards have an exceptional position as rather than getting benefits from users, these cards help them to get benefits by providing them points, miles and cash back as rewards. 

If you also want to have a reward credit card then instead of wasting time searching, have complete data about the five best rewards credit cards from the above article. 


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