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5 Reasons You Should Not DIY Your Drug Treatment

Drug Treatment

Many people hold the misconception that detoxing without medical supervision is acceptable. Everyone starts with a unique disposition. Without medical care, you need to oversee your detox period, introducing the significant possibility for risk, and some of these risks can be fatal. 

For these reasons, attempting to complete drug treatment by your methods is not advisable nor encouraged. Grand promises, like programs that guarantee a 3-day detox, are false advertising. Ideas like quick fixes can dangerously mislead someone into believing that self-drug treatment is doable. 

In this article, we’ll discuss five specific reasons why you should not DIY your drug treatment. Beyond the most obvious reasons (like not risking your life), there are additional reasons why attempting drug treatment recovery on your own is a bad idea. For details into these specifics, read on and search ‘treatment centers near me’ to get started. 

1. Going “Cold Turkey” Isn’t Safe

Some people think detoxing from drugs is safe to do outside of a hospital and by going cold turkey. If you go about drug treatment the recommended way, you are exposed to medical staff that can save your life. Go about detoxing the safe way and search ‘treatment centers near me’ to get started. 

2. Greater Likelihood Of Failure

Without being in the hospital setting, you’re exposed to the same triggers that led you to use drugs. You are physically powerless over your addiction. If cravings get strong, there is a greater likelihood you will fail without searching ‘treatment centers near me’ and getting medical supervision.

3. You’ll Feel More Stressed: For Support Search ‘treatment centers near me’

No one likes the idea of being held up in a hospital, but when you’re going through withdrawals, there’s nothing you need more than to rest and stay in bed. You’ll also have medical staff ready whenever you need them. If you try to do your drug treatment alone, you may be around others that may interfere with your ability to recover. You’ll feel less stress and find detox easier to tolerate within a medical setting. 

4. You Won’t Avoid Triggers

Without detoxing in a medical facility, you may be exposed to triggers that make it more challenging to recover. If you haven’t set boundaries with those encouraging your substance abuse, it will be harder to continue recovery. Give yourself space by resting in a medical facility. 

5. You’ll Have Less Motivation

As awful as the withdrawal process is, by staying in a medical facility, you’ll be recovering around others who are going through the same process as you. You may be attending groups with these individuals as well. Without noticing others in your shoes, you’ll feel less incentive to continue in recovery without searching ‘treatment centers near me’ for formal recovery. 

Get The Support You Need 

The withdrawal and continued sobriety process are exhaustive and tiresome but worth it. Don’t put yourself in harm’s way. If you’re ready to recover, get connected with a treatment team by searching ‘treatment centers near me.’

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