We now live in a world where every routine activity is solely dependent on the use of technological tools. For this reason, every individual now seeks fresh means to get the best output, whilst living an easier and smarter life.

Whether you are a tech geek or just a professional who makes the best out of technology to improve productivity, there are several application programs out there that can change your life. 


Considering the numerous amount of software existing on the net, it becomes puzzling and challenging to define which ones are worth banking on and which ones to release, and this brings us to the goal of this article. In this piece of writing, we shall be discussing 10 cool apps that can make your life easier.

1. Rype

Rype is the next big thing in the world of video streaming. With Rype, you can relish the best out of language lessons, although it is restricted to the Spanish language at the moment. They provide live lessons in Spanish as well as other personalized digital services.

For those considering improving their Spanish language skills or acquiring an in-depth understanding of the language, Rype is an ideal app for you. It is a decent alternative to Netflix in learning languages.

2. Headspace

If you have been experiencing physical or emotional stress, or perhaps you’re overwhelmed as to ways to relax your mind, Headspace may be the answer to your long-time questions. This software is designed to guide you through a meek, yet potent, reflection exercise that is certain to improve your mental wellbeing.

Far beyond assumption, this app provides exclusive mental and mindfulness exercises that will positively impact your daily life.

3. iCall

With the upsurge in the data of businesses that includes customer and client info, it has become an obligation for every business to include call recording into their existing policies.

Besides, if you need to seek clarification from prior dialog with a client, with a call recorder pro app for your iPhone, you can always refer to past call data. That’s not all, iCall can also be used as a personal assistant to automate call recordings whether you are a private or professional user. 

4. Wanderlust

Are you besieged with the best means to manage your to-do lists? With jumbled tasks that need to be worked on later and junks of relatable task stores on your device, you need a smart manager to assist with that. 

Wanderlust is an all-in-one solution to help organize all your important notes and tasks. Moreover, its reminder tool helps to alert you of upcoming tasks, so you don’t forget.

5. Calm

Meditation is a mental exercise that helps to maintain the optimal functioning of one’s mind. Everyone is looking for new ways to calm their nerves away from the stress and anxiety of work and private life. 

Calm is a simple meditation and wellness software for those seeking a virtual assistance that serves as a substitute for a physical class on meditation. 

6. Pocket

At some point, we often get anxious to skim through a certain piece of writing due to our busy schedules. With the Pocket app, you can save different file formats and refer back to them at your convenient time.

 With the syncing function of this app, you can save any content on a particular device and access them across other devices. Luckily, the stored contents can be accessed in an offline mode.

7. Camera+

With the advent of social media, we now use different platforms to share pictures to tell a story about our lives. Have you lost the trail of posting pictures due to your poor image shooting skills? Don’t worry! With Camera+, you’re covered. 

This super photography tool helps take your photography skills to the next level. 

The app is simple and user-friendly. So you don’t need to be tech savvy before you can use it.

8. Spendbook

Savings and investing are two hit rocks most of us find difficult to strike a balance in-between. The latter is even more pressing. Spendbook is a financial app that is designed to keep track of your spending habits and manage all of your financial transactions. 

The app UI is simple and easy to navigate for every level of user. It also has a chart section that helps you analyze the trend in your spending habits over some time.

9. RunKeeper

RunKeeper is a smart app that helps you realize your fitness objectives by giving you timely updates on your fitness schedules and achievements. For those planning to start a fitness exercise or join a yoga session, RunKeeper is an ideal app for you. 

10. Airtasker

With lots of business schedules waiting for us, dedicating lengthy time to taking care of house chores becomes daunting. It has now become a trend for people to outsource tasks such as preparing to-do lists, and domestic tasks such as washing, cooking, and horticulture to professionals, thanks to the likes of Airtasker. 


Technology has shaped our lives in diverse ways whether personally or professionally. The use of modern software and tools can greatly enhance your level of productivity and make your life easier. 

Apps such as iCall can help you automate all of your call recordings. It delivers the best service for those considering opting for an unconstrained and accessible call recording application program.

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