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sticky selections

Using a sticky picker to peel the corn or tomato in a few minutes will help to prevent lacing the surface of your food.

To prevent lacing the surface of your food, use a sticky picker. The sticky part will stick to the surface of your food, meaning your food will stick to the surface as well.

If you’re not familiar with pickers, you might be surprised at just how easy they are to use. Pickers are strips of plastic on which you can stick your fingers. The sticky part is made of wax, which you can rub off by rubbing it on your fingers.

It can be hard to get your fingers to stick to the sticky part, but once you are, it is very easy to get your food to stick to the surface.

In the future we might end up seeing pickers on our food as a matter of course, but for now, stickiness is a feature that is just for a few select people.

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