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pharyng/o medical term

The pharynx is the space between your mouth and your throat. It is where the voice originates from. The pharynx is what is commonly referred to as the “voice box.

As you probably already know, the pharynx is one of the most important parts of the head, and it’s where the vocal cords are located. The vocal cords are the muscles that enable your voice to be heard. They are also where the vibrations of the voice are transmitted.

According to Wikipedia: “The pharynx contains muscles that help the air pass from the lungs to the voice box.” When you speak, the air moves out of the lungs through the pharynx and into the voice box, which is made up of muscles. It is where the voice originates.

A voice box is a large, flat area that is below the neck and can be seen by the person who uses it. When the voice is made it is usually out of the person’s mouth. The air is then expelled through the pharynx.

The pharynx is a very prominent part of the body. It’s a part of the digestive tract, or mouth. It’s also the part of the body that holds the voice. The pharynx is made up of tonsils, which are small, rounded soft tissue that are found in the pharynx. They are also called the soft palate.

The pharynx is the part of the digestive tract that is made up of tonsils. And there are tonsils in all parts of the body. One of the main functions of the pharynx is to store and release air in order for the person to speak. It also provides air for the muscles in the throat to expand as the person speaks. The muscles of the throat are what contract to make the air pass from mouth to throat as the person speaks.

Sometimes called the throat area, the pharynx is in the nose and throat for a reason. Basically, the two main functions of the pharynx are to store air for speech and to expand the throat as the person speaks. Also, the muscles in the throat that contract when the person speaks are actually connected to the muscles in the pharynx. This is why you can choke to death if the person isn’t able to breathe.

I have an old problem, the pharynx is just a hollow structure that has been hollowed out with age. When you walk in, the pharynx is just a hollow structure with no structure to expand. When you work it out, you can move the pharynx into a new structure. You can use the pharynx as a space station.

Pharyngitis is the inflammation of the pharynx.

Pharyngitis is a disease caused by the pharynx. If you’re going to die from pharyngitis, you need to be careful of the pharynx, because it has been damaged and cannot be replaced.

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