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life’s a gamble tattoo

I’ve always been drawn to tattooed lines of life, people, and the places they have lived. I have a favorite line about it and use it all the time.

You’ve probably already got some people who have been going through a lot of bad things. How much do I know about their life and their friends? If you didn’t know anything about their life and their friends, you’d be surprised how many people have the same line of life. When you visit a tattoo shop or gallery, you’d probably know a little bit.

My favorite line is that “life” is a tattoo, not a sentence. That means it’s not about getting to the finish line in a race with your best friend, but about being happy every day. If you want something that is a tattoo, this is it.

I love this part of the video. It’s almost as if it’s the one time when you can see the tattooist actually get a bit nervous. They’re so excited to do a new work on their newest tattoo that he seems to be putting on extra weight and putting on just a bit more confidence.

In the same way that some people enjoy a great tattoo, I love that Life’s a gamble tattoo feels like you’re getting your own personal tattoo. You have to keep your eyes on the prize and never lose your focus. It’s not like a race, and it’s not like you’re racing against a friend, but it is like a tattoo that you’re working on at the same time as your girlfriend and your best friend. And you’re the only crazy person on the board.

I love that the design for this awesome tattoo was drawn to look like a race car. I think this is the kind of thing you can’t put anywhere near your body, but its one that you can put anywhere you want. I like how it alludes to the life you’ve lived by hinting at the things that you’ve done and the things you’re still working on.

You can also get a similar tattoo of the same design on your face: life’s a gamble tattoo. The difference is that this one is a little more permanent. I mean, this is a great tattoo for the person with multiple tattoos or tattoos all over the body, but it does make you a little more vulnerable when you have to share the board with a friend, so I like the little “betrayal” part of the design.

I don’t hate this one. This is actually one of the most important tattoos I’ve gotten, and I love it. It’s a small tattoo on the side of my neck that I have to wear all the time because of the risk of accidentally being hit by a car. I also wear it when I get on a plane, and it’s been a real lifesaver for me (especially since I fly a lot).

I think it’s great that you chose to do this because you’re so invested in your life. After all, we don’t know how to change our mind about a tattoo. But I like the idea of a little bit more security and more safety, so I’m gonna just do it anyway.

Life’s a gamble in a lot of different ways, but as long as it works for you, it’s pretty great. I dont know how you can justify a tattoo, but I bet you’ll find a way around it in your next life. But again, I dont know how to change your mind about anything. And I’d hate to say it but you could definitely use more than a tattoo.

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