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fastest start stop stopwatch iphone

My best friend started her blog in 2002. Today her blog is over 2 years old, but it’s still going. She’s a young, smart, and hilarious woman. I am so excited that she’s such an inspiration to me.

She uses a stopwatch to keep track of her hours of blogging and also to make her blogs more like an email. She uses what she calls the “fastest start stop stopwatch”. It’s an analog clock with a stopwatch at the top. The stopwatch is just about to start, and the seconds count down. The idea is that you can use this to track your hours online and then stop and take a break.

Its great for tracking your own time because its a good analog clock and you can also use the stopwatch to take a break. For example, you could use the stopwatch to slow down, or take a break from your email account. A stopwatch is a cool gadget and I believe she has a new one to sell.

The stopwatch is an easy, simple, and inexpensive way to get yourself out of a lot of situations.

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